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On-Screen Advertising

If you are interested in having your business advertised on our screens before the movies begin, contact the following representative who will be glad to assist you!

Screen Vision Media
Aaron Bishop
Account Executive
6821 Southpoint Drive N Ste 118
Jacksonville, FL 32216
W: 904-281-9902
M: 256-998-2807
F: 866-268-0159


The concept of Frank’s Entertainment was developed by Frank Caracci in the early portion of the 2000’s. His intent was to offer weekend entertainment to the youth of our surrounding areas here in the Heart of Boaz, Alabama. Early on this was in the form of Thunder Alley which offered bowling and arcades. Later on the company was blessed with the opportunity to re-open the county’s only stadium seating theater in existence after the former owners ran into financial difficulties. Not long after, the company was blessed yet again with the acquisition of Sand Mountain Drive-In which furthermore expanded our ability to offer entertainment for the whole family.